Quick Ways For Students to Put More Money In Their Pockets

Being a student can be tough financially and whilst you will want to enjoy the social aspect of university life, it is not always the case that your financial situation allows it. The social side of college along with rising costs of tuition and study materials can make life tough on a student, especially given the fact that a job is hard to manage alongside your studies. There are some ways that you should be looking to earn a little extra however, and here are just a few ideas for you to help boost your monthly income.


There are no guarantees when it comes to online gambling but if you focus and invest some time understanding different strategies around sports betting and casino games, you can find ways to make some extra cash each month. Using sites will give you the chance to take advantage of some great welcome offers which give you cash incentives to get started, in many cases you can make money without even spending any!

Online Surveys

Many governmental agencies and private companies want to learn about their target demographics so they will enlist the support of third party companies to offer surveys to the public. You can sign up to complete some of these surveys and you will be paid a small amount for each one that you complete. You may not make enough money to become a millionaire but there is nothing to stop you from making enough money for a few nights out through this approach. The beauty of this is that you can work only when you have the time, and you can do so right from your dorm room.


If you are in year 2 or above then you could look to offer some support to newer student who are studying the same as you. This is a great way to help people, brush up on your knowledge and of course, make some money as you go. You could offer a class in person within the university or alternatively use video calling software such as Skype to conduct your classes. Charge a small amount per hour and you will no doubt see plenty of students wishing to improve their knowledge with you.


It may be tough to hold down a job and study but if you want to enjoy all of the trappings of university life it makes sense to try and pick up a position which offers a few hours work per week. The best type of jobs to look for are weekend work in high street shops, or looking for evening work such as bar jobs and restaurant positions. Make sure that you don’t take on too much, start off with 12 hours and then see how you get on. It may be difficult but when there is money coming into your account every month you will be thankful for you hard work.

Student life doesn’t have to be financially difficult and there are plenty of ways in which you can earn a little extra.