Awesome Apps To Help You Give Your Dorm Room a Makeover

Given that your dorm room is where you’ll be spending the majority of time in your first years at college, it makes sense to give it a revamp, put your stamp on it, and make it somewhere comfortable to stay. Us students have a reputation of being messy slobs but that simply isn’t the case, well not always. If you want to give your dorm room a makeover, you can rely on some handy smartphone an tablet applications which can ensure that decorating your room is made very easy. Let’s take a look at which apps you should be using.


Do you ever see a piece of furniture or a picture and wonder how it will look in your dorm room? If so then this is the application which you need. Homestyler is a unique app which allows you to snap a photo of your dorm room, and then when you find an item which you want to put in it, you simply snap a shot of that too, and swipe it straight into your dorm room in your phone, to see what it would look like.

Magic Plan

Measuring your room can be a real pain, but so too can buying something which is clearly too big for your space. What Magic Plan does is allow you to take a photo of your room, you manually add the dimensions of height and width of the room, and then the app can measure all other spacial aspects of the room such as the distance between bed and  desk. This is the perfect app for furniture buying and for anyone without a tape measure!


Colorsnap is a simple yet super effective application which allows you to see what different colors will look like in your room. You may love a certain hot pink paint, but when you actually see it in your room you may hate it. This application means that you’ll know exactly how you feel about a particular color, before even picking up a paintbrush.


Pinterest, at its most basic level, is a social media application but in reality it is much more than that. This site invites users to share their excellent, wacky or unique design ideas with the world and you can browse through the application to get some inspiration for how you will decorate your room. The app breaks down results with a huge amount of filters and you can even get some inspiration from your fellow students across the world.

Spirit Level

A would challenge any student in the country to tell me that they have a spirit level handy, it simply isn’t something which we require in our arsenal. With this being said, if you are hanging pictures or putting up photos, you will want them to be straight. The best solution then is to download one of the many spirit level apps, which uses your phone’s technology to get that painting or picture just right.