How to Be a Fashion Blogger, and Be a Campus Trendsetter

The world of social media has turned many of us into egomaniacs who are wholeheartedly committed to gain the largest following possible. For some this becomes a ruthless game of popularity but for others, it provides a great opportunity to stand out. In your college years, you can use this platform to become a real trendsetter on campus, and blog about your fashion choices, places to get the best threads, and gain a following of fellow students who want to copy your style. If you love fashion and want to become a trendsetter, here is how to go about being a successful fashion blogger.


In terms of which platforms you should be using to spread your message, the answer is all of them. You should have a website where you blog and share photos and videos, you should be active across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too. The key to these platforms is understanding the differed kind of content which you should be using for each one. For example a photo that you would put up on Instagram, may not be the best Facebook content, comment on Twitter differs from that which you’d put on Facebook and so on. understand how to work each platform best, and show off all sides to you. 


In order to agin popularity there are many helpful tricks and tips which you can find, the key behind all of them however, is content. You should always be focussing on the quality and the consistency of your content across all platforms if you wish to be successful as a blogger, especially in fashion where there is so much competition. Really spend a lot of time on your blog posts, your videos and you photos, give people something that they will be amazed by. You may have no followers yet, but if you maintain a high standard of content, they will come.


On of the most important things to remember about trying to gain fame as a fashion blogger, or a blogger of any type for that matter, is that you are part of a community. With this in mind, it is vital that you reach out to others in your field to share techniques and to share followers. As you are starting out you should be trying to connect with other successful bloggers, to form mutually beneficial relationships.


Never forget the people who follow you, who communicate with you and who want to emulate you, they are the most important people to you. For this reason you should always look to connect with them, answer their questions, respond to comments and generally interact and engage with your following, a failure to do this could inhibit your chances of gaining a wider following, as well as potentially losing you followers, make sure that you add a human touch to what you do.

Get creative, be confident, be daring and share your love for fashion with the world.