Best apps to hit if you are looking for love at college

If you are looking for love in college, and not just a shameless hookup, it makes sense for you to use technology to your advantage. For many years now there have been a whole host of dating apps and websites, and currently there are probably more than there have ever been. Whist some of these apps are about looking for casual relations, there are some which you can use to try and find your soulmate, and here are the ones which you should be using if you want to find love in college.


Tinder is probably the most famous dating app in the world and whilst for many years it was considered as nothing more than a hook-up application, it has really changed its game in recent years. You can of course still find people who are looking for something casual but the benefit of Tinder is the sheer volume of people who use it, and not all of them are after the same thing. Here you can review people’s photos, their likes and dislikes, and then decide if you would go out with them. Once you have said yes to the user, you will need to wait to see if they feel the same about you, if they do then it’s a match and it is time to start planning your date.


Bumble is a relatively new application in the dating sphere and unlike Tinder, this app tries to do things a little differently. It is fair to say that there are a lot of dawgs out there, and most of them are male, in order to rebalance things, Bumble works in the same way as Tinder in terms of finding a match, but it is then up to the lady to make the first move. If the female doesn’t contact the match within 24 hours, the match is removed. Putting the power back in to the lady’s hands is novel and a great way to find something more serious than just a hook-up.


Happn is all about proximity and it is the perfect application to use at college. What basically happens is that as you walk past an attractive member of the opposite sex, should they too have the application, it will make a log of this. At the end of the day you can review those who you walked by and begin a chat with them. This is a great way of finding people who do similar things to you, and removes the awkwardness which many have when physically trying ‘chat up’ a member of the opposite sex.


For gay and bi men, this is the ultimate application and it is one which doesn’t have a great amount of competition, meaning that there are plenty of options out there. As with an app such as Tinder, you can use the app for hook-ups, but the lengthy profile description gives you the chance to let the world know that you are looking for something more serious.