Benefits of Onsite Uni Accommodation

If you are seeking out student accommodation then this article is for you. Let’s discuss what benefits you could find should you decide to opt for accommodation onsite. There are many accommodation options available and a large percentage of students do enjoy offsite private accommodation. For new students however, staying on campus offers a much larger array of benefits which can help students to further enjoy the experience of university and improve their education on the whole.

When weighing up uni accommodation, bear in mind the benefits of onsite university accommodation.

Social Side

Going to university is not just about getting educated from an academic point of view, it is also about your growth and development as an individual. One of the most critical aspects of going to university is that you are able to find yourself and make solid friends who will help you to better enjoy the experience. This is infinitely easier when you are living and staying in and amongst other students.

Range of Activities

The university recognizes that students shouldn’t always be left to their own devices and this is why they will endeavor to set up a range of activities and clubs on campus, for students to enjoy. No matter what your hobbies or passions are, you can find groups of people to share them with, and this will ensure that you get even more out of your university experience.

Improved Educational Focus

Most students prefer to spend at least their first two years on campus as it significantly helps them to improve their focus around their studies. For so many students the level of university is much higher than they realized. Staying on campus offers the perfect option to prevent students from getting distracted and to instead focus on their studies. Off campus uni accommodation is usually in and around busy areas with lots of distractions. Most students in their final years recognize what they need to do regarding the balance of work and fun and this is why you find more of them off campus.


Using on campus student accommodation is not only about making friends, it is also about gaining a true sense of community. Many students struggle in their initial months as they have moved away from home and their friends, and they are scared about what the future may hold. Having a group of people in the same boat can help students to adjust to their new surroundings with greater ease.

Support On Hand

Finally, there is a lot of support offered to students who arrive at the university, and staying on campus means that those students have great access to the network which the university offers. As mentioned previously, many students find it difficult to adjust, and that is why on campus student accommodation is the best option, for students to enjoy the experience while receiving the support they need.

Be sure to find out more about your onsite university accommodation options, to take advantage of all these wonderful benefits.