Can You Stay in Uni Accommodation Over Summer Break?

Staying in student accommodation during the summer months is not exactly something that most students would like to do. In fact for the large majority of students, getting home and spending time with their friends and family, far from uni, is very much on the agenda. With this being said, we have so many international students and some domestic students who would prefer the option of staying put, but is that allowed?

If you are looking to stay in your uni accommodation during those summer months, here is what you need to know.

Are You Able To Stay?

The simple answer is that in most cases you most certainly can stay during the summer months. If you are renting private student accommodation then you definitely can stay during this season, because the contract will still be payable on a monthly basis. Landlords of course prefer to see income during this time. If you stay on campus then in most cases you can absolutely stay during summer, but there are one or two which don’t offer this so always be sure to find out first, asking the uni where you attend.

Staying in the Same Spot

What you will find more often than not, especially here in Melbourne, is that you may have to move to alternative accommodation during these months. This may be because of renovation work which the colleges are looking to carry out, or perhaps even because they have nobody on-site during those summer months. With this being said however most offer a wide range of rooms and apartments which you can pay for during the summer, and then you can move back onto campus at the end of the summer break.

It is rare for colleges to close all campuses, which means that you will not be moving far from where you are staying now, should you need to move.

Costings For The Summer

Most costs for summer rental will remain the same as it is during term time, but you may find that some are cheaper, such as residential colleges. These accommodation options include meals which will no longer be something that you can count on, as the staff will also be on their break. That cost saving can be passed on to you during your summer stay.

Cut Off Dates

If you wish to stay during the summer after your final year, bear in mind that there will be a cut-off date at which point you will have to vacate the premises. This is so that the university can ensure that the student accommodation is ready for the upcoming year, which of course you will not be attending. This often helps students who are trying to map out what next to do with their life, and it provides a helpful bridge between finishing studies and starting work.

Staying during the summer is most certainly possible if this is something which you need to do for whatever reason.