Top 10 Money Saving Student Hacks 

Being a student can be tough, especially when talking about finances and us young men and women need to find every way that we can to save some cash where possible. Even if you work during your college years, having money in the bank is something that is pretty rare and so finding ways in which to save money is crucial. Here then are 10 money saving hacks which all students should be using.

Student Discount 

Despite the many benefits of the student discount card, you’ll be surprised at how many students fail to use it. When you enrol in college, you will be given one of these cards which can help to save you money on just about everything from books and course materials, to clothing and coffee, make sure you use it.


Everyone knows the party side of the college lifestyle and whilst it would of course save you money if you simply didn’t go out, that doesn’t sound like much fun. If you do decide to party, make sure that you party indoors, with some cheap alcohol, before heading out and paying top prices.

Library Entertainment

Instead of signing up to Netflix or any other video sharing website, use the university library to rent music, movies and TV shows for absolutely free.

Free Refills

If you want to go out and about to study, make sure that you choose cafes where they have free refills on tea and coffee. Most Starbucks for example will give you this choice and it means that you can stay in the same spot studying for a long time, without breaking the bank.

Snack Up

If you are going to be out on campus all day, makes sure that you take some snacks from home to avoid paying for overpriced food and drinks from the canteen or college restaurant.


Coupon collecting is a great way for you to save some money and with sites such as Groupon, you can get some great deals on your weekly shop, activities and even on textbooks.

Easy Freezey

Cooking for one can prove to be quite expensive so reduce the costs by maximising your freezer. Let’s say you’re going to make spaghetti for example, make enough for 6 and freeze what you don’t eat. Not only will this save you plenty of money, but it also gives you a convenient option for when you don’t have much time.

Dollar Stores

When it comes to buying stationary and notebooks, don’t bother paying top price in Office Depot or a similar store, instead head to the dollar store and fill your boots for a fraction of the price.


Instead of spending crazy money on textbooks, go to the library, find a copy of the book which you need, scan it and then load it onto a USB, all the info without paying the price.


Working with dorm mates and other students to arrange meals or share textbooks is a great way for everyone to keep their costs down. Speak to you fellow students and save money together.

What are your top money saving hacks? Let us know in the comments.