Free Plagiarism Software vs. Paid Plagiarism Detector

There are three types of people. Those who always want to get everything gratuitously. They think that everything costs too much and those things are not worth that money or maybe they just can’t afford it. There are also people who do not want to buy anything cheap, because they are certain that cheap things (regardless of whether it is an item, food or service) are poor quality and short-lived. And the third kind of people is known as pragmatic. They first of all do a research, calculate and only then buy things that are worth it. They evaluates the price-quality ratio. But what about decision when it comes to choosing a plagiarism checker?

Many free stuff lovers choose tools such as plagiarism detector free and online offered by companies which let their clients to use free of charge trial versions of their plagiarism detectors. 

Benefits of free plagiarism checker software:

  • It does not cost anything, you can save money on other purchases;
  • Even in the toll-free version, you can check one and sometimes even more documents. So you can wait until you completely finish your paper work and than check it for free;
  • Some free versions allow you to use the multilingual feature;
  • Some of plagiarism checkers are awailable simply online without any trial versions that need to be downloaded and installed. It is also a software, but works online and you do not need to instal it;
  • Some of free plagiarism detectors has no words limitations (such as Plagramme).

Benefits of paid plagiarism detectors:

  • Paid plagiarism checkers usually have no word limits, while tools we get for nothing often have limits for words or for number of pages or documents;
  • Available multilingual feature;
  • You can get a detailed report about duplicate document parts, liks to sources, the exact reason for the plagiarism, etc. Reasons could be: paraphrasing, bad citation, etc.

So it is your decision what to choose. It’s best to try out both a paid version and a free version for yourself, and decide which one suits your needs more.