How to Find Casual Uni Jobs in Melbourne

Melbourne has one of the largest populations of students in the entire country, and young men and women come from all over Australia and the world to study here. When it comes to uni students Melbourne is a perfect place not only for education, but also when it comes to the social side of life too.

In order to pay for the fun, not to mention the Melbourne student accommodation, it is imperative that students find the way to get some work on the side. Thankfully this is a city with many casual jobs available, and here is how students can get themselves one.

Melbourne Uni Job Search

Whilst universities don’t play a huge role in the advertising of jobs, most of them do have a jobs portal on the page where students can look for local positions. These are not so much touted by the university, but they do have pages on their websites which advertise positions and share vacancies that are available in the local area, which is a great place to get started.

Get Hustling

One of the oldest ways to get a job is still one of the most successful, which is to simply spend some time walking around the streets, heading into every shop and restaurant with your resume. Vacancies are one thing but you have to be in the right place to see them, and at the right time. If you keep going around handing out your resume then you have a much higher chance of getting something. Not only does this open up your possibilities, but it also shows the level of hustle you are willing to put in to get that job, which looks impressive to an employer.

Check With Standard Job Sites

Many think that most job sites are just for careers but you will find a good range of casual jobs there too, which could provide you with a great chance of picking up something over the weekend and on evenings. Make sure that you fill in as much information about you and your work history as you can. The more information you provide, the better a chance you will have.

Uni Library Notice Boards

Very often you’ll find that libraries put up classified ads which may feature casual jobs that you can take on. These could be positions such as babysitting or even dog walking, which are much more likely to be found here than on any traditional job site. If you see an ad which you like, make sure that you call up right away so that you don’t miss the opportunity. These kind of positions get snapped up quickly, which is why you have to take the chance whenever you see it.

A final point to make here is to use social media for your job hunt, there are many groups and pages which you can use that will help point you in the right direction for a casual job to support your studies.