Why Do Students Choose Melbourne To For Study?

Melbourne has long been one of the most popular cities for students to choose to study in. This is not only applicable to Australian students, but also to students all over the world. In fact, this city has the largest volume of international students of any in the country. When it comes to uni accommodation Melbourne is filled with some brilliant students, both domestic and international, and here is why it has become so popular amongst the student population.

Top Melbourne Universities

The main draw of the city is the number of high end universities which it has, which are always amongst the top rated in the whole of Australia. Across the universities here there are specialists in technology, business, law and many other niches which bring students flocking to the city.

Comfortable and Relaxed Melbourne Lifestyle

There is a reason why this city has been surveyed by the Economist as being the most livable for the last 6 years. This is largely based on the ease of living in the city and the laid back approach which you can find here. Transport is simple, moving around on bike or foot is simple and this is not a chaotic or stressful city by any stretch of the imagination.

Entertainment and Fun

Let’s be honest, beyond the educational prospects in the city, the students here really want to have some fun once they close those books. This again is something which this city is certain to offer. This city is widely considered as the sporting and entertainment capital of the country and there are always events taking place here which are ideal for students to get involved with. Beyond this you will find a rich social scene of bars, restaurants and local clubs which students love to get involved with.

High Quality Student Accommodation

Most of the universities here offer accommodation on campus, but throughout the city there is also a wealth of options of other student accommodation.

When it comes to student accommodation in Melbourne is able to offer something for everyone and for all kinds of budgets. No matter if students are looking to house share or to go out on their own, they are bound to find a broad range of options which will suit them perfectly well.

Student Support

Something which so many of the universities here do extremely well is to offer their students a range of support which can help them to integrate well into the university and the city itself. This is certainly something which international students enjoy, and it helps them greatly in adjusting to a new lifestyle. Not all universities do this well, but here in Melbourne they have actually become known for their high level of student support.

Finally this is also a city which has a wealth of employment opportunities for students. This applies to those looking for jobs as they study, as well as those who are seeking opportunities once they have graduated. There is no doubt at all that this is one of the greatest cities on Earth for those looking to go to university.