Improve Your Math Skills by Using the Following Best Free Math Apps

Did you know that the United States is ranked 31st in student math literacy out of nearly 80 countries?

Math programs are some of the most challenging courses that students have to take from the beginning of their education to the end.

If you have noticed that your child is struggling in math, many applications can help.

Continue reading to discover the best free math apps that you can get your child working on to improve their grades!


One of the best free math apps that you can use is directed towards children between the ages of 5 and 11.

If your child fits in this age range, this is the best application to try. The foundations of math are taught in this app. Some of the most basic things that your child will learn about are timetables, decimals, and fractions.

To get the most benefits from this application, have your child’s math teacher set a baseline of their knowledge. This will help customize the experience for your child.


Depending on your student’s age, math homework can become overwhelming and you might not be able to help them.

Derivita is an excellent math app for kids who want to post and pull up questions. There are thousands of examples to choose from that can help your child understand mathematical problems. There are assessments to help them prepare for tests and quizzes along with specific feedback.

This application is preferred by teachers since it is compatible with Canvas, a common program used for online resources.


Another application that can be useful to your child in math class is Photomath.

Photomath will allow you or your child to take a picture of a math problem. Once the camera captures the photo, step-by-step instructions will appear breaking the problem down. This is ideal for students and parents that want to check the accuracy of work.

It is also a good idea to download this application when the teacher is focusing on following the procedures of math.

Elephant Learning

If you are looking for an application that will help your child in middle school and high school, Elephant Learning is a good choice.

Elephant Learning has more than 20 games for kids to play while learning simultaneously. There are many visual prompts and graphics that help guide your child through math concepts and problems.

The quirky sounds that each character makes will help keep your child engaged and entertained. This is a great way to bring fun to math.

Try These Best Free Math Apps

Many useful apps can assist your child like a tutor. Finding the best free math apps, however, can be a challenge.

Most applications require you to pay for access to the entire app, but others can help you without spending the money. Raising math grades should be as simple as playing a game on your phone or tablet. By downloading these applications you can get math tutoring for your child in a fun and convenient way.

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