How to Go Beyond the NPTE Passing Score: A Guide

People today are in a lot of pain. Chronic injuries and ailments are commonplace even at younger ages.

As a licensed physical therapist, you can help people that are in need of healing.

Physical therapists are hotly in demand today. Their career field is growing at 21%, which is markedly faster than other career paths.

Your first step is to sit for and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE). Here’s what you need to know about getting an NPTE passing score so you can become a licensed physical therapist.

Solidify Your Reasons for Passing a Physical Therapy Exam

Taking the NPTE is going to require time, sacrifice, and lots of effort and focus. You can always put your head down and plow through it, but it’s always better to solidify why you’re taking it.

When you have strong reasons for taking the exam, they’ll serve as motivation that you can come back to during the tough times of studying and taking NPTE practice exams.

The career of becoming a physical therapist is beneficial because you’ll learn a lot about how the human body works, there’s plenty of travel potential, there’s lots of work-life balance, and you’ll appreciate that you’re genuinely helping people.

There’s also significant earning potential with this career path. You have the opportunity to earn a salary between about $74,000 and $104,000 or so.

Once you solidify your reasons for becoming a physical therapist, it makes the rest of the process easier and more doable.

Learn What’s Included On the Exam

Take the time to learn the ins and outs of the NPTE so that you can study each section.

The exam features 250 exam questions for the physical therapist section and 200 exam questions for the physical therapist assistant section. Make sure that you’re eligible for the exam as well.

Sections of the exam include the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, various parts of the musculoskeletal system, and others.

You have to hold an eligible degree for taking the exam, and can only take it a certain number of times within an exam window. Check out the available dates in your area so that you’re able to get registered.

Stay up to date with the NPTE pass rate for the year to see which sections are giving testers challenges.

Start Studying as Early as You Can

The best thing that you can do is get started early to study for your exam. If you wait until the last minute you’re going to overburden yourself and wear yourself out.

While 99% of students surveyed say that they cram for exams, it’s important to recognize that science doesn’t support the usefulness of this practice.

Instead, start studying for your exam several months before taking it so that you can small chunk it little by little. You can go over the different exam sections and put them on a schedule that works for you.

Book your NPTE exam dates far in advance and then let the countdown begin.

Take Courses That Go Over Everything Included in the Exam

It’s best to get professional help studying for the NPTE. You can sign up for courses that will go over all of the material so that you feel capable and to support your study efforts.

Companies like Therapy Team work with budding physical therapists to learn the exam and pass it with flying colors.

Courses might take a few weeks and will go in-depth about each part of the exam. Instructors can also keep up to date with the latest exam date options. Check with them rather than assuming the newest options will mirror NPTE exam dates 2021 or from prior years.

You can use this in support of self-study and will be able to compare notes with others that are studying for the exam.

Get your hands on some books and other study materials that you can go through in your time. This lets you go over NPTE practice questions in detail.

Gain Clarity on What a Passing Score Entails

If you’re going to get a passing NPTE score, you have to first and foremost understand what it entails. Passing the NPTE means getting a 600 or better on the test.

The physical therapy assistant section will last 4.5 hours, while the physical therapist section will last 5.5 hours. Knowing what mark to shoot for will give you something to aim for while you study.

Find a System for Constant Drilling That You Can Do Regularly

The only way to retain plenty of information from your study sessions is by constantly studying. You can go through several drills so that the information sticks in your mind and can be drawn upon on the day of the exam.

Digital flashcard systems are useful because they’ll help you pull the information that you need to learn most. Attack your weak areas until they become strengths, and do a little bit at a time rather than trying to overload yourself.

Create a Schedule for Your Studying and Stick to It

Finally, make sure that you have a study schedule that you’re able to stick to over time. By doing a little bit each day and taking a day or two off, you will be better able to retain information.

De-stressing is important since studying can become overwhelming. Treat it like a job that you clock in and clock out of. Consider going to a coffee shop or library to study rather than sticking around your familiar environment at home.

Make sure that you’re getting plenty of sleep so that your brain is refreshed and recharged.

Shoot for an NPTE Passing Score and Beyond

Consider these sage words of advice so that you can get an NPTE passing score so you can begin your career. By putting the work in, you’ll be well on your way toward living the life of your dreams with a career that you love.

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