5 Mexican Foods You Should Eat During Spring Break in Los Cabos

As something of a veteran of Spring Break, I have to say that my most favourite destination to go and have some fun during this time of the year, is Los Cabos in Mexico. There is so much to love about this corner of the world, the parties are crazy, the beaches are beautiful, the sun is shining and most importantly, the food is absolutely amazing. I have always loved Mexican food here in the US but across the border, the food is on a different level. You have to soak up all that alcohol some how and here are my top 5 Mexican foods which you must try next time you head down to Cabos on Spring Break.

Tacos al Pastor

It would be far too general a comment to say that you should try tacos here as there are simply so many to choose from, my favourite however, is tacos al pastor. You will find these tacos on just about every street corner, they are filled with lamb which has been spiced and flavoured and then cooked on a spit, a touch of onion, cilantro and some salsa and you have some super cheap and absolutely delicious tacos.


The ultimate comfort food is pozole, a stew-like dish which is made using hominy corn and includes onions, radish, beans and usually meat. You can buy vegetarian pozole but more often than not you will find this soup served with pork or chicken. This is a filling dish which will keep you going for hours.


Chilaquiles makes for the perfect breakfast, and hangover cure and you can find them in just about every restaurant in Cabos. This dish is made using a spicy sauce which is poured over dry tortillas cut into triangles, the dish is then coated with cheese, soured cream and finally an egg, some beef or some chicken, the breakfast of champions.


For a quick street snack, pick up an elote, a corn on the cob prepared with mayonnaise, grated white cheese, a touch of chilli and lashings of salsa. You will find vendors selling elotes on just about every street, especially on an evening. The vendors cook the corn slowly in water before preparing it in front o your eyes, a tasty and super convenient snack.



Tamales are generally served in the mornings and evenings throughout Mexico and they are a cheap and tasty option for you during Spring Break. Tamales are made using maize which is mixed with pulled chicken and some spices, the tamale is then wrapped up in the leaves of a ban plant and slowly steamed until ready. There are many varieties of tamales which use different meats and different ingredients, they are all cooked in the same way, and they all taste delicious.

Spring Break in Los Cabos is a great experience, made all the better with these fantastic Mexican dishes.