Made a New Years Resolution to stop smoking? 3 tips to help stick to it

Did you know that across the UK, about 7 million people a year make a New Year’s Resolution to improve some aspect of their health? Of this 7 million, a significant proportion have no doubt opted to overcome an addiction and to stop smoking which as one of the main killers of men and women alike. Not only this but smoking is an expensive habit. Stopping smoking can save money too. is a worthy goal for anyone to pursue. Here’s a few easily actionable tips for you to follow if you’re one of those looking to take such a big step in 2018.

stop smoking

Check out the alternatives

When it comes to kicking what is often a lifetime’s worth of addiction, to stop smoking simply applying your willpower is an admirable but incredibly difficult task considering how accustomed your body is to the regular supply of nicotine. Going ‘cold turkey’ so to speak isn’t a necessity, especially when we consider the range of anti-smoking products on the market,

In today’s age, there are the classic alternatives such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum, along with more modern devices such as e-cigarettes which can more accurately simulate the method of smoking cigarettes you are accustomed to. Each of these approaches enables you to opt for a source of nicotine with the vast majority of toxic chemicals (such as tar and carbon monoxide) found in traditional cigarettes removed from the intaking process. Given time you can reduce the strength of the nicotine you consume as well as the frequency at which you use it, until you no longer feel the urge at all to have it in any form whatsoever. More help can be obtained from another alternative to smoking which is the use of premium vaporizers, designed for those who are struggling to quit the bad habit.


Don’t do it alone

A problem shared is a problem halved, so it makes sense to share your resolution where possible. If you have a friend or family member also looking to stop smoking, then perhaps consider teaming up to encourage each other to succeed. Together if one of you begins to flag or seems unsure about part of the withdrawal process, you can talk things through and hopefully come out stronger and more motivated not to let your quitting partner down.

Even if you can’t find anyone in your social circle to team up with though, there are plenty of online communities that can help you throughout the experience. These sites can not only get you in touch with other like-minded individuals no matter where you are, but contain plenty of resources for those at any stage of quitting.


Persist through your setbacks

No matter how hard you might apply yourself, there may come a time where you find yourself relapsing and have one or two cigarettes. Whilst this isn’t of course ideal, the most important thing you can do from here is not to dwell on a mistake. One blip doesn’t erase months or years of hard work, and doesn’t mean that you’re all of a sudden an addict again.

But if you should feel your resolve weakening, then do take the time to consider if there are any further lifestyle tweaks you can make to help remove temptation from your path. If for example you are invited to an event where you perhaps know after a few drinks you’ll be offered a cigarette, then you could decline the offer or have a word with your friends and ask them not to make you such an offer.

Ultimately the most crucial thing to remember is to stop smoking is not an easy challenge to undertake and there will be ebbs and flows during your transition out of addiction. Persistence and being willing to seek help as needed will be your two most valuable assets throughout this time and hopefully when 2019 comes around, you’ll be able to look back at a successful year and ace another resolution in the following New Year.