The Ultimate Guide to Going to College in 2022

Did you know that over 60% of high school graduates enroll in a postsecondary education program? If continuing your education after high school feels like the right step, you’re not alone.

Educational options after college vary based on things like your credentials and goals. These educational options include things like vocational training, certification courses, and college programs.

Today, we’re going to focus on going to college. What are the steps you can take to prepare?

Read on for our quick guide to going to college after high school.

Think About Your Experiences and Strengths

Every student has individual experiences and strengths that can shape their future. Perhaps your strengths lie in academics and you’re looking for a school that will further challenge you to learn. Maybe you’ve become an outstanding athlete and you want to attend a college with a strong athletic leg.

Unique experiences are just as welcome as traditional experiences. For example, if you’ve been homeschooled throughout high school, visit to learn more about how to transition from the homeschooling environment to the college environment.

Research College Options That Suit You

There are dozens of schools worldwide that would be happy to accept you as their pupil. It’s time to examine your educational, financial, and experiential needs and desires to narrow down your options.

Student loans and scholarships are available to make tuition more affordable. You should also spend some time researching different colleges’ academic and extracurricular strengths. Finally, think about the experience you want and whether you can get them from an in-person learning experience or an online university.

Assemble College Application Components

The specifics of each of your college application requirements will differ. However, many follow the same basic formula, requiring:

  • high school transcripts
  • letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, or organization leaders
  • a personal essay

Make sure that you read the instructions for each application and understand not only what you need to assemble but when it’s due. Create a schedule to move through your application process without leaving it until the last minute. Remember that when you’re asking for letters of recommendation, you should give people at least one month’s notice before the letters are due.

Prepare for Going to College

Going to college is, in many ways, quite different from going to high school. You may not live at home anymore. Your schedule will be more scattered or spread out and you will need to commit to your own time management and self-discipline.

Make sure that you have all of the tools and supplies you need to feel comfortable and prepared for college. Speak with counselors, friends, and caregivers about what your future might look like and how you feel about that. Then, go to college with an open mind.

Where Will You Attend College in 2022?

Going to college is the logical next step for many high school graduates. Getting there can seem daunting but with our guide, you can break down this process into four easy steps.

Do you want to learn more about college from current students? Stick around as college students from all over the world weigh in on everything from career choices to time management.